Wiki Clash of Clans

Wiki Clash of Clans


In this section I will talk about one of the strategy games more popular than we have seen in Joyn Android. This game is Clash of clans. The level of attraction of this game is well above average. You need only watch the millions of players that has only in the platform android.

Wiki Clash of Clans

Clash of clans is one of the favorite playground for young adolescents. It’s totally free and as it is based on the construction and improvement of a village has many possibilities.

We started with the town hall and the buildings basic that we are going to need to our village. Among them we can find the manufacturer that we can only achieve with gems and used to build and improve everything else.

We also find one or two defenses for the attacks that we can make the other villages, camps and barracks to prepare our troops in every attack that we can make with them. Apart from this we will have gold mines, extractors of elixir pink and extractors of elixir dark that will help us to collect and accumulate resources for our constructions and developments.

In addition to this if you don’t like this style of play and prefer one as Minecraft you can learn all about this juice so creative in the channel of discovering Minecraft where you’ll find and learn all sorts of things on Minecraft.

Wiki Clash of clans is a web page where you find and discover all the secrets that hides the wonderful implementation of Clash of clans. As you’ll see on this website you will find different sections, such as for example in one tea explains all the functions of the troops dark and their levels of evolution and all this in one of the paragraphs to if you can visit them all and become an expert.

But if you’re bored learn about this game by reading and seeing pictures you can visit the canal of Wiki Clash of clans and learns from a most enjoyable way.