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Smite wiki

Smite is a computer game that involves two teams of gods they faced each other in a war map, in which there are two bases each have a titan, which will be that which each team will have to kill This game consists of: kill the enemy titan, but before that you will have to go through a series of defenses is the case of the towers and the phoenix. You can not attack the phoenix without killing the tower, and you can not kill the titan without killing the phoenix.

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Gods Smite

This fantastic game has a countless number of gods: the gods are stronger and I go rather to me are: for example thanatos, Zeus, Loki, mercury, I leave a list of other gods that we can use:

4 I have said more- Ao Kuang, Ze zha, Chang’e, Guan Yu, He Bo, Hou Yi, Nu Wa, Sun Wukong, Zhong Kui, Anhur, Bastet, Geb, Isis, Neith, Osiris, Ra, Serqet, Sobek, Afrodita, Apolo, Aracne, Ares, Artemisa, Atenea, Cronos, Hades, Medusa, Némesis, Poseidon, Escila, Agni, Bakasura, Kali, Kumbhakarna, Rama, Vamana, Ah Mucen Cab, Ah Puch, Awilix, Cabrakan, Chaac, Hun Batz, Ixbalanque, Kukulkan, Fenrir, Freya, Hel, Odin, Thor, Tyr, Ull, Ymir, Baco, Bellona, Cupido, Hercules, Janus, Nox, Silvanus y Vulcan.

Game mode

In Smite we can find several maps i modes. I’ll give an example of each. For example one of the maps that there is fair and game mode that there is practical. Each game mode has several maps in which the gods clashed.

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