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Play with the family

Stop a minute….. if you already are…. do not have time… but let you read this reflection if you have a minute… can you help to change something that is so simple to your life as take advantage of the holiday with your family.

play with your family

Often…. Ummm …. no no no …. we are always busy, our work prevents us from seeing everything that we lose ourselves each day. The workload is so great that when the holidays arrive costs us disconnect and it seems that we do not know how to enjoy the free time with the family.

If you are one of those people who need the work and organization, learn to work playing. Sit on the Bureau 10 minutes with your children and in a paper type 5 activities or games, with which you can have fun calmly and you can share with your family. It is as simple as planning and spend the evening in the garden in your tiny terrace, at a table of the park, next to your partner, children, friends or family. Play ….. what you want…. but plays. Plays to letters, play the parchis, plays to draw cartoons, plays to guess songs, plays to perform constructions with stones, branches, leaves, trunks…. plays to count stars…. but please ….. Play with your family !!!

it plays with your family in holidays

Play now! the time flies

The time we will of the hands and the summer flies. Share fun playing with the family is the best way to invest your days free. Take heed a while to rest, but keep playing. Your children and your family will recall these moments as something special and your with the passage of days you will feel that you have used either the time.

Remember! If you are a worker compulsive, learn to work playing.

I am 43 years old and when the summer holidays come my children only remember the evenings and nights that we spend the previous year playing together. While I work, they go to the swimming pool, go out with the friends, play the absorbent PlayStation, but when they begin the holidays for all only they think of playing with its family. Sometimes I do not realize, but it is really nice to see as its main desire is to be with me.

Good I am afraid I will have to leave you, but my children I expect to play a while to ….. I don’t ….. but play… we will play.

play now family on holidays