The new role-playing game for mobile, Lineage 2: Revolution

for the followers of lineage, this fun game Revolution

is a fantasy world created by Netmarble Games. With this game you will be able to participate in open field battles, you can compete with up to 200 players at the same time, in real time, which makes it more fun, dynamic and bold.

The new role-playing game for mobile, Lineage 2: Revolution
The new role-playing game for mobile, Lineage 2: Revolution

With Lineage 2 The revolution you can interact with the rest of the world
from now you can interact with people from all over the world, and you can also create your own teams and clans with your friends, to carry out research in ancient dungeons, enjoying the epic adventures and how not, defeating monsters terrifying. You will enjoy the great adventure around the world, discovering new places.
Line 2 is an online role-playing game

Lineage 2 is an online role-playing game, offers to its players, the best resolution and the best graphics, a whole world to discover and a large number of battles, wherever you go.

With this game, you will experience an amazing world, a great MMORPG for cell, formed by millions of people around the world and all, what you need and what you’ll be in the palm of your hand. Without any problem, you will be able to do what you want.
Look at the main features of Lineage 2: Revolution.

The first feature of this game is that it has great battles in real time, you will be able to fight, against 50 people at a time, in the field of battle.

The second is that it contains a resolution incredible, offering a quality unimaginable, to mobile phones.
The third characteristic, is that you can compete with anyone around the world since the items in addition to carry them out with your friends you can compete with anyone.

The fourth feature that we can find is that, you can also go through a huge and impressive world, allowing players to explore and discover amazing sites. And finally, the last feature of this game is that it contains, clans and guilds, being able to discover a series of spoils, dungeons, etc.

What more data we can get from Lineage 2: Revolution?
This game has compatibility with mobile devices and even if it is compatible with any computer. this game, you are ready to Android devices, for the resolution of the video game, but also, you can find it for Apple devices.
You have the device you have, you don’t have any problem to enjoy this game, as Lineage 2 is available for iOS and Android, that yes, counting both with one another, the best resolution. But, I also have to say that this game, is available for pc, being able to enjoy the experience wherever you are.

Don’t miss it, download Lineage 2: Revolution and get the most out of this game and have the best experience guaranteed by both the plot and the characters that form it.

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