Kuku Kube is a game and you bring it today for you

Kuku Kube is a game and you bring it today for you

New Year and new amusement park, so we want to show you this new game for you

Kuku Kube is a game and you bring it today for you
Kuku Kube is a game and you bring it today for you

The dynamics of Kuku Kube is simple and the objective is: you just need to press the square of a different color from the rest. In this way as easy as you test your vision of the colors and in addition you will have a good time challenging your friends or trying to beat your own record.
When you press the correct square, a new table will appear with more squares of what to look for. As passes screens the thing will be complicating until such Once again come a time when you won’t be able to distinguish what is the square. Kuku Kube you will challenge the view, will test the speed of your vision.

Kuku Kube in four steps
This set consists of four steps, one is the tic tac, it remains survival, after infinite and finally end.


As its name indicates, tic tac, time is of the essence in this game mode against the clock. You need to hurry up and get the highest score in sixty seconds. Hurry up to identify the different hub as soon as possible and go beyond the levels with increasing difficulty. Start the countdown!


You must survive at the same time, cruel and ruthless, you begin with a countdown of 10 seconds. Each time aciertes you added 2 seconds to the total time but if you fail you subtract 2 seconds. In this mode you have to be fast-paced but prudent. You get overcome your best scores gaining a few seconds very valuable. Fight against time!


The name says it all. Play infinitely to go further in each of your attempts. Try to improve yourself to yourself and the record. There is no time limit or countdown so you can practice improving your color vision. Soon you’ll be an expert. The fun never endsĀ”


The thing is would be with the extreme difficulty mode. The lines of the table are black and the colors more similar to each other. Test your visual acuity, and do not commit any error in this mode designed for those with true view of hawk. If you fail once the game was over. Extremely fun

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