IPhone 8, your smartphone more expected of the year

IPhone 8, your smartphone more expected of the year

Today we find ourselves with lots of rumors on the smartphone more expensive and anticipated of the year, we are talking about the iPhone 8. This device is to mark on all the difference of the screen in regard to the previous models Apple iPhone. Here you will discover the rumors most viewed on the iPhone 8.

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In the first place, it is already known that this new iPhone is going to change much in the screen, its size and other aspects that we will see below.

iPhone 8, the new smartphone of Apple

There are those who say that the screen will be much larger by the fact that the frameworks of the phone will disappear almost completely. So that you can get much more out of the size of the screen. Not only that, but in addition we are going to discover the first iPhone with the button “Home” incorporated within the same screen again with the objective to maximize the size of the device to have a larger screen. Say also that this OLED screen that will be available to the iPhone 8 has been created by Samsung.

In regard to cameras, we will again see a dual chamber, but this time it is expected that this incorporated in the normal model. This camera is going to be in a vertical format so that you can get to do 3D photos to improve functions as the “Portrait”. It is rumored that the camera forntal is going to be practically invisible and that is going to make a leap quite remarkable in terms of quality.

And finally we have the Touch ID that is the fingerprint sensor characteristic of the iPhone that is incorporated in the “Home” button. We are talking about the button classic iPhone that might disappear with the goal of creating a screen with a larger size. Because of this it is said that the fingerprint sensor will be located at the rear of the device.

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