The best mobile games

The best mobile games

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – one of the best options more complete


The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is one of the phones more powerful in the market. With one of the latest processors of the company, Exynos 8890 (or Snapdragon 820), the GPU Adreno 530 and 4 GB of RAM. With all of this, this phone is one of the best devices able to pay to the maximum time to play.

The S7 Edge is prepared to support what the future have ready.

The fact that the screen is curved to the two edges gives you a maximum optimization in regard to its 5.5 inch. And as you know Samsung is a brand that makes some mobile devices with the best quality in the market in relation to the screen.

In addition to all of this the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge includes the Game Launcher that acts as a center for games, storage and categorizer of videogames. Also includes a floating button that allows you to block any type of notifications and in this way you can tax your game any time and without any difficulty.

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Nexus 6P: A device that stands out for price, power and size


With this phone you no longer have to spend 700 euros in a device fast and powerful to rendirlo to maximum. Because companies as Xiaomi have been phones that in regard to processor and power have been able to achieve to Samsung and Apple.
This Nexus 6P brings one of the most powerful processors of these past two years. A Snapdragon 810, with a GPU Adreno 430, situating it within walking distance of the Galaxy S7 Edge. With 3 GB of RAM and a piece of AMOLED screen 5.7 inches, looks incredible. In addition, pays very well and has a point favorable in terms of relationship quality-price.

Currently you can find the Nexus 6P at a price of less than 500 €, i.e. between 300 and 200 euros less than the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Any gamer, including all those that day to day put the limit the performance of these devices through long sessions of play and play, it is difficult to find any type of problem with regard to the power of this smartphone.

In spite of the fact that the characteristics are slightly lower than those of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, this Nexus 6P has the advantage of the screen size, as well as the stereo sound quality, with some front speakers that hardly will be blocked while playing.

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HTC 10: valued positively by its magnificent sound


The HTC 10 is the best bet for those who would like to enjoy a game with a deafening sound. This company has received more than once praise for its sound system Boom Sound. HTC has improved more this sound quality, has used stereo speakers that include a small modification.

In the first place, we find the front speakers, that only the top one is really a good speaker, since the other is located at the bottom of the device. Each one plays different frequencies with the objective of providing some results of sound really good.
It could be said that the speakers are the most remarkable of the HTC 10. But I must also say that this is a great phone that has some features that rub the quality and power of Samsung Galaxy S7.

The HTC 10 offers a Snapdragon 820, a Adreno 530 and, of course, 4 GB of RAM. In terms of performance we find ourselves with a slight difference to S7, which is hardly appreciated.

The only problem with this phone is that the technology of your display is not AMOLED, but which has a screen Super LCD 5, which is better than many other LCD screens of the market.

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