The best games for android

                      The best games for android


With the arrival of December many begin to vacate time in their agendas. Come times of long waits and rows (to buy gifts, in the terminal at the time of travel or family parties) to the sound of Christmas carols on the radio. And for the bored there is no better cure than a game cell in the cell.

The best games for android
The best games for android

As is customary, we start this new month with our popular mobile games for Android. To add variety and free games are included, as well as from different genres

‘2’ onumentValley

Although the sequel to ‘Monument Valley’ takes a while outside, only until November Android users were able to get their hands on this amazing game. This fantastic puzzle invites you to discover hidden paths in impossible buildings and geometrical figures. All accompanied by an emotional music and history.,

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp free

Nintendo will continues to spend their franchises to the sector of mobile games. Next on the list was ‘Animal Crossing’, which was premiered by an application where you have to manage your own camp. Decorate your home and carries out activities such as fishing, picking fruit, hunting bugs and cooking. Although the app is not available in Latin America, you can download it through a VPN on your Android phone.

‘South Park Phone Destroyer’, also

Ubisoft already caught him the wisdom to make games of ‘South Park’ for consoles. It was only a matter of time that will do the same for mobile phones. ‘South Park Phone Destroyer’ is a real-time strategy game, combined with a TCG. Collects versions of the characters of ‘South Park’ (such as Marshal Pocahontas or Erick Buddha) and build your own army.

2 ‘Words With Friends’

One of the most popular games in the store he premiered his second version. 2 ‘Words With Friends’ keeps the modality that made him popular. It is, quite simply, a friendly, fun version of Srabble, the popular board game. You can play with your friends and compete to see who is the living dictionary of the group

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