Agario videos on this website

Here’s a few videos from the channel Agario. The videos more crazy in search of the top 10 in the ranking of this game. Known new tactics, learns to play Agario, known to experienced players and others just plain fun. Don’t expect more to visit the best channel for Agario.

You can learn in Agario?

Here we will report how to get the best skins of agario, the best names for this game, how to share items with your friends, and most importantly …. How to get the TOP 1 with small alliances. Remember that this game is very addictive and hooked on the first. Be patient and if the items you are going wrong, rest a moment, and try again later. We wish you luck in your games of Agario … we’ll see you soon.

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Gameplays in search of the TOP 1 in the ranking of Agario

In search of the TOP 1 ranking on Agario. LIN gets in the top 10 in a cubs slowly but surely.


LIN changed tactics. Choose a new name in Agario for its ball ….. the name chosen is “I AM POISONOUS”(SOY VENENOSA) … finally … incredible, we have achieved our goal. We have overcome the TOP 10 earlier in the ranking and spent up to top 5. And our new record Agario reaching the top 4. Congratulations guys what we have achieved.